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AGM Capital Mortgage Can Help You Get Your Lowest Rate Today!

Short Customer Testimonials:

Mike has always been hard working, professional, and honest in all his dealings with our family.
- Dave and Marty

In today's volatile real estate market it is nice to know we have service with honesty and integrity that I can count on when needed. That is what I always get with Mike Girard.
-Stephanie Good

Long Customer Testimonials:
Mike is a very fair person who constantly has your best interest in mind. I would highly recommended Mike to everyone, but especially to a first time homebuyer. As a first time homebuyer, Mike was willing to explain all the different loans, with their advantages and disadvantages.
- The Swanson's
We were well into our loan and just about to close when we decided to call and ask some questions from another broker.  We called and Mike was the one to take the call and thank goodness. We did not get a Good Faith Estimate from the other broker but two items stood out from Mike's proposal. Mike's Good Faith Estimate showed a loan amount that was $6000 less and the interest rate was almost 1% lower. Also, the other broker was putting us into a 2 year fixed loan with a high adjustable rate margin and a pre-payment penalty. Mike's loan was a 5 year fixed with a much lower adjustable rate margin and no pre-payment penalty. Needless to say, Mike got our business.
- Eric and Genevieve Howell

From meeting with us on weekends and evenings, to being by our side as we signed our final paperwork, Mike Girard Jr. has been with us all the way. We did not realize how thorough and positive our experience was until we exchanged stories with other friends who were first time homebuyers as well. Comparing these other experiences to AGM, there is no doubt that AGM will outlast many of their competitors through their genuine thoughtfulness and willingness to exceed expectations.
- The Gannon's


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AGM Capital Mortgage Can Help You Get Your Lowest Rate Today!